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Smart city

Improving quality of urban management and making people's daily lives more comfortable and safe

Save city

  • Search for offenders and missing people through face identification. An alert is sent to the nearest policeman to check the documents of the detected citizen.
  • Search for a specific person in the archive of indexed faces from all cameras in the city. Allows you to track movement of suspects, find witnesses or missing persons.
  • Search for stolen vehicles by number, description or features (color, brand, model).
  • Recognition of crowds of people to attract the attention of CCTV operators and provide rapid response.

Comfortable city

  • Analysis of vehicle traffic to optimize transport infrastructure. Statistical analysis by vehicle type and brand. Collecting popular routes by picking up license plates throughout a city.
  • Сounting utilization of public transportation, building heat maps of people on the street to improve the urban environment.

Clean city

  • Control of employees schedule, accounting of working hours by face identification using mobile devices and surveillance cameras.
  • Control of the schedule of arrival of garbage trucks and snowplows. Recognizing the type and number of vehicles.
  • Checking for compliance with local taxi coloring regulations.
  • Identifying types of garbage trucks.

Deep insight


By clicking on the button, you consent to the processing of your personal data